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Five-Month Turnaround

Construction for this new Starbucks location was completed in a record five months.
Starbucks, a national tenant, has specific, rigorous requirements for contractors who work with them. We coordinated with Starbucks’ management and in-house construction team to ensure that their custom components were perfectly placed.

Modified Plans

The site was located in a busy shopping center. We developed the new section with all of the details the cafe needed, including the lighting, parking, and pad prep. The original proposed layout had been modified, which required us to modify existing conditions during construction. The project also required considerable collaboration with Starbucks’ national team, to ensure perfect execution of their specific requirements


Creating a Nich Facility

The construction of this luxurious, five-star retreat required rigorous quality control and many custom, upscale finishes. We engaged complementary staff to support the architect in designing a unique facility. Execution required significant coordination with the architect and design team as well as specialized contractors with the ability to produce work on this high standard.

The final result was a perfectly appointed, welcoming space for both the mothers and their newborn babies.